Team from Left to Right:

Saba Ghole

is an architect and urban designer turned education and technology entrepreneur. As the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of NuVu Studio, Saba leads a innovation center for middle and high school students. NuVu’s focus on creativity and experimentation sets the stage for students to collaborate with experts on projects ranging from new medical technologies to interactive games to brainwave-generated music and art. WEBSITE:

Rohan Dixit is a neurotechnologist who envisions a future where millions experience greater wellbeing through technology. As a neuroimaging researcher at Stanford Medical Center and the Harvard-MIT-MGH Martinos Center, he studied the brain in altered states of consciousness like deep anesthesia, vegetative coma and meditation. Rohan later founded BrainBot, a San Francisco startup that creates brainwave-integrated meditation apps and heartbeat-sensitive calming technologies.

Shilo Shiv Suleman is a visual artist with a focus on the intersection of magical realism and technology. She has designed award-winning ipad apps, Interactive installations and stages across the world. As an INK fellow, her talk on got over a million views in 2012. She’s been chosen as one of the 3 Pioneering Indian Women at TEDGlobal, and spoken at conferences like WIRED, DLD and more. Most recently she started a Collective of over 300 artists in India using community art to protest gender violence in India for which she was featured in a host of documentaries including Rebel Music by MTV and won the Femina “Women of Worth award”. WEBSITE: -

Luke Iseman is chief technology officer and cofounder of growerbot, a wireless soil sensor for small gardens and farms, which helps regular people grow their own produce. He is passionate about using open source hardware and the physical computing revolution to build a more sustainable world. He has invented an automated gardening computer, built and managed a fleet of 25 pedicabs, and written a book about travelling the world. His projects have been covered by publications like Make Magazine, Wired, Treehugger and TechCrunch. WEBSITE:

Samuel Clay is the founder of NewsBlur, a trainable and social news reader for web, iOS, and Android. He is also the founder of Turn Touch, a startup building hardware automation devices for the home. He lives in San Francisco, CA, but misses Brooklyn terribly. In another life in New York, he worked at the New York Times on DocumentCloud, an open-source repository of primary source documents contributed by journalists. WEBSITE:

Heather Stewart is a co-founder of Boxouse, a company that converts shipping containers into tiny off grid houses. She also manages a small container village in Oakland. After graduating with a degree in art, Heather went to run horse farms around the U.S, learned to weld in a field in Kenya while supporting a biochar start-up and eventually made her way to Oakland where she has been working on a variety of design/ build projects.

And lots of love and appreciation to our extended on-site construction team for helping us build the installation at Burning Man 2014:

Avijit Michael

Grace Boyle

Belinda Man

Brittany Janis

Matt Medved

Vivek Chockalingam

Zack London

Ajesh Shah

“Wear a crown of flowers on your head, let its roots reach your heart.”

- Kabir, 16th century Sufi poet